Richard Lyon ~ Energy Transformation Therapy


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• Are you depressed, anxious or stressed?

• Not getting enough sleep?

• Are you not making yourself important?

• Do you have to please everyone else?

• Is your heart hurting from relationship issues?

• Do you still feel “not good enough?”

• Do you binge to comfort yourself because things in your life are missing?

As a therapist I use a blend and range of energy therapies that help with most physical and emotional problems, including:

• Phobias

• Emotional Stress

• Grief

• Pain


• Depression

• Panic attacks

• Addictions

• Anxiety

My Energy Transformation Therapy uses gentle and precise methods that alter brain and the body’s energy infrastructure to shift beliefs, behaviours and emotional responses quickly, speed up the process of uncovering and transforming those unresolved emotional issues and ways of thinking that block you from realizing your full purpose and potential. These tools help to release anxiety and distress that contribute to lack of energy, focus and stress-related illness. You can uncover and transform anything that might be in the way of your success, health and happiness.

Energy therapies including Reiki and EFT have been clinically effective in thousands of cases of Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Abuse, Childhood Issues, and a myriad of physical symptoms including headaches, body pains and breathing difficulties.